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I think that's a good tip on his first point, but on the second point...  Not all of our audience is windows, so MS word would not work so well in linux...  also, MS Word is basically notepad with the ability to change the font, Could we not create somthing like this on our own?  I know for windows that's practically built into M$VC++ as an MFC option and it can't be too hard to do in linux...

-Dave Overcash

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I asked an ebook publisher what sorts of things he felt we should include when we support books and he made to following suggestions:

1. Definitely include a topical index feature.  This is critical.  Think about it, who reads more than a page or two off a computer screen.  But with a true topical index the user can look up the topic they are studying and suddenly find where there subject is dealt with in the whole library.  A topically indexed devotional book starts to function like a dictionary or encyclopedia.  If you want to do this the way it should (at least by my opinion) you should have different index groups (a. User created index - they can index any book in the software; b. an index for all the pages in the book - like a normal index found it the back of a book; c. an index just for articles/chapters - this would be different from b. because it would only cover the main topics covered by the article/chapter (this is necessary because it tells people that you have a long section dealing with the topic, where in b. it may just be two-three paragraphs.

2. Have an option to integrate MS Word as the note editor.  This way you could give people a professional level note taking capability.