[sword-devel] Book stuff

Skip Gaede sword-devel@crosswire.org
Wed, 26 Sep 2001 06:06:33 -0400

On Tuesday 25 September 2001 11:52 pm, David Overcash wrote:
> I think that's a good tip on his first point, but on the second point... 
> Not all of our audience is windows, so MS word would not work so well in
> linux...  also, MS Word is basically notepad with the ability to change the
> font, Could we not create somthing like this on our own?  I know for
> windows that's practically built into M$VC++ as an MFC option and it can't
> be too hard to do in linux...

I have used Libronix' (aka, Logos Research Systems) since 1995. Their package 
supports rich text and bookmarks. When you creaste a note, if it is tied to 
<something>, the corresponding spot in the book gets an icon which can be 
used to jump to the note. This works if both the note set (there can be 
multiple note sets, each having their own set of tags) and the book are open.

It's also possible to embed bookmarks to anything in your collection within 
the note body, and clicking on the link opens the book and jumps to the right 
spot. This is a really nice feature and we should support it, too! I've 
spoken with Bob about making the software available on Linux, and it isn't in 
their business plan.