feature request stuff (was: Re:[sword-devel] Unicode fonts on Win95/98/98SE/Me)

James Gross sword-devel@crosswire.org
Thu, 20 Sep 2001 00:42:42


Biblesoft uses a Word 97/2000 macro that allows you to automagically tag a 
work.  Then, a compiler program compiles it into native code for the PC 
Study Bible.  Is there some way that a Word macro/compiler solution could be 
put forward and then some kind of KWord/Abiword Macro for the Linux 
versions?  Just a suggestion.  I am not certain if that would be easier than 
building a Sword word processor module (OpenOffice?).  Who knows?

>What kinds of features would you guys like to see in content creation
>tools?  Do you want basic converters that take a file in a set format
>(like verse-per-line with or without prepended verse references)?  Or
>interactive text-editing tools like a word processor?  Thoughts &
>suggestions are welcome and encouraged.


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