feature request stuff (was: Re:[sword-devel] Unicode fonts on Win95/98/98SE/Me)

Martin Gruner sword-devel@crosswire.org
Thu, 20 Sep 2001 12:31:54 +0200

> Biblesoft uses a Word 97/2000 macro that allows you to automagically tag a
> work.  Then, a compiler program compiles it into native code for the PC
> Study Bible.  Is there some way that a Word macro/compiler solution could
> be put forward and then some kind of KWord/Abiword Macro for the Linux
> versions?  Just a suggestion.  I am not certain if that would be easier
> than building a Sword word processor module (OpenOffice?).  Who knows?

I think this is a rather difficult task, though it may be possible. Maybe 
BibleTime can use DCOP to remotely control KWord? And GnomeSword Abiword? 
It might be cool to have some mechanism in sword allowing a distributed 
proofreading & markup like at ccel. This might be useful for larger projects 
like "we want to have strong's numbers (or OLKeys -- whatever that is) in 
this and that module". Many people could share the task. It might also be 
more efficient to do this through a web interface like ccel, and not through 
the frontends. So content creation will take place on different levels: 
module creation, correction and extension. Imo we need all possible ways to 
do that, be it commandline tools, perl bindings (php etc.), frontend support, 
macros and whatever else is possible. I forgot converters from other bible 

> >What kinds of features would you guys like to see in content creation
> >tools?  Do you want basic converters that take a file in a set format
> >(like verse-per-line with or without prepended verse references)?  Or
> >interactive text-editing tools like a word processor?  Thoughts &
> >suggestions are welcome and encouraged.