[sword-devel] JB Phillips New Testament.

Chris Little sword-devel@crosswire.org
Mon, 14 May 2001 13:42:50 -0700

> There is an HTML version of the JB Phillips New Testament on CCEL at
> http://www.ccel.org/bible/phillips/JBPhillips.htm which I am thinking of
> making into a module.  Not quite sure how to arrange it as yet, as
> Phillips rarely sticks to individual versification.  I shall
> probably end up
> with a verse containing three or four verses followed by two or three
> verses containing only carriage returns most of the time.

The right way of doing this module will involve linking verse.  For example,
the first entry in the text covers Matthew 1:1-11.  So, you'd put the data
into Matthew 1:1 and put a link in each of Matthew 1:2-11 pointing back to
Matthew 1:1.

That way, if someone looks up any of the verses between Mt 1:1 and Mt 1:11,
inclusive, they will get back the data in Mt 1:1.  And if they then
increment the key while it is on any of those verses, it will set you to Mt

I don't think vpl2mod handles links currently, but addvs can do it if you
want to write a script to feed it verses & links.

The more difficult question is how to deal with split verses.  For example
the third and fourth keys in Revelation are Rev 1:4a and Rev 1:4b-6.  So,
where do we put 1:4b-6?  In 1:4 along with 1:4a or in 1:5?  And if a users
asks for 1:4, do we give them just 1:4a or 1:4a & 1:4b-6 (which would
require changes to the implementation of modules I think).  Or, we could
wait X number of years for a versification standard from OSIS and then try
to implement that. :)