[sword-devel] NET Bible .....

Brian Schroeder sword-devel@crosswire.org
Wed, 23 May 2001 12:13:43 +0930

Please forgive me if this is off-topic, already discussed, or not

I also use the (free downloadable version of) Theopholis.  One of
the features it has is an HTML interpreter, making plain HTML
documents readable within the program.

I realise this would probably be a front-end problem.  But if Sword
did incorporate an HTML interpreter, the NET Bible could pretty much
be included immediately while discussions are continuing on how to
fully incorporate it properly.  It would also be a simple, convenient
way to include other books etc. that do not fit into the currently
supported paradigm.  There are, these days, translators for converting
from many different formats into HTML.

(Is ThML related in any significant way to HTML?  If so, the 
interpreter could encompass both of them to provide expanded 

Brian Schroeder

Chris Little wrote:
> My comments assume making a rawtext module rather than an hrefcom for NET...
> > More importantly though, the extensive notes in the NET bible do not
> > lend themselves to the present Sword arrangement.  NET has at least
> > two footnotes in every verse, and some of them are lengthy.
> Because of the length and quantity of notes, I would suggest we do NET as a
> Bible & commentary pair, essentially like the Darby/DTN pair we now have,
> but bundled together.  I think I've heard this is how Logos does it.
> We may want to add some keys to the config files to indicate that the two
> components are linked, to support front ends automatically querying the
> complementary module.
> > Thinking on
> > towards Sword future plans for free text or ThML text, it occurs to me
> > that provision for hyperlinks to other pages will be the only
> > really useful
> > way of displaying the NET bible.  It might be worth making embedded
> > hyperlinks capable of being used in standard modules too, with a
> > suitable filter?
> I don't think I'm understanding you completely, here, but ThML modules may
> have hyperlinks.  There's no guarantee that the frontends will support them
> though.  GBF and RTF have no way of doing hyperlinking on arbitrary objects,
> though you could think of GBF's footnote, Strong's, cross ref, etc. tags as
> a form of hyperlinking.
> --Chris