[sword-devel] Closed source exploitation of open source works (a GPL loophole)

Trandahl, Steve sword-devel@crosswire.org
Thu, 10 May 2001 09:09:14 -0400

> Paul Gear wrote:
> Chris Little wrote:
> > The spirit of the GPL is that free software will be used to 
> make more free
> > software.
> ...
> > Further, since non-free
> > software developers do not give back to free software, free software
> > avoid assisting non-free software development by providing it free work
> > finished tools.
> I think this is where you overstate the spirit of the GPL.  I don't think
> point is to avoid helping proprietary software, but to benefit free
> Any detriment to proprietary software is incidental to the GPL's purpose.
I agree.  It seems to me that our intent should not be to stop other people
from developing Bible study software, whether it's proprietary or not.  The
ActiveX control would allow a lot more people to use the SWORD back-end.
More front-ends would likely improve the availability of low-cost Bible