[sword-devel] Builder Linker Problem

Troy A. Griffitts sword-devel@crosswire.org
Fri, 11 May 2001 15:38:44 -0700

> It works now. 

Good deal.

> What was I ever thinking learning MFC.

:)  dunno.  maybe something like, "Well, whether MFC is good or bad is
not the issue.  Most companies that build windows apps use MFC because
it is stamped with the M$ brand, and it would be nice to actually earn a
living writing windows software."  But I'm biased, you know.

> I took me three months of blood, sweat and tears to get comfortable
> with MFC programming. It is almost backwards to everything I learned about
> C++. In VCL I was at home in a matter of hours not months. I still have a
> lot to learn but at least I don't feel nearly as dazed as I did with MFC. I
> can see this is going to be fun :)

Yeah, well, I think it has something to do with making it a challenge
for engineers to use, or else they won't be able to charge for MSCE
certification. :)

> Are you only focusing on the current frontend?

yes.  Right now.

> What are the plans for the
> prototype as it stands now? 

It is a mockup for the next generation of the GUI.  Some small parts are
actually proof of principles of GUI objects we might use-- but most of
the code is speghetti.  When we finish 1.6 (next public release), I was
planning on us starting the real impl of that UI.  We'll grab alot of
the internals of the current frontend, so I'd recommend adding stuff to
the real UI and it will get migrated when we start 2.0.

> I can see that I would like to implement some
> new options under preferences, that would allow the user to control
> background colors, font styles, sizes , and color of each type of window
> (bibles, commentaries, etc.) Seperating the color and fonts of these texts
> can make it easier for some to determine quickly which view is the bible and
> which view is a ccommentary. Perhaps create some default color options to
> choose from as well, and an apply to all views option could make changing
> all views at once a simple task. Do you see this as something you would like
> to see?

Yes!  It's so nice to hear fresh ideas, and also for the volunteer to
help build!  Thank you so much.  Others have also expressed interested
in helping.  I also pray we all collaborate well in this effort!