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I have a number of Greek fonts which handle the final sigma of you can't find any, I believe 
them to be in the public domain. I have gathered them over the years. I could e-mail you a 
few of them if you would like. I am in way a programer, but have been keeping up (to the 
best of my ability) I do how use Sword, along with about 6 or 7 other Bible programs often. 
I have a few suggestions, but feel that it may be a little early to bring them them up. I do have 
a rather large collection of English Bibles (over 250 in part or whole) and would love to see a 
few of them placed into a Bible program. I quickly downloaded the Syriac thinking that it was 
James Murdock's translation (came out long before the copyright laws) I have been wanting 
to make an e-copy for years. Those who know of know what I mean. It would be great to 
have a small collection of scholarly Bible translations (which are in the publick domain) to use 
which many are far better than what is around now, at least as good. 

In His Service Always,
Terry Lawson
Author: How To Study The Word

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> I have installed sword 1.5 and bibletime 0.23 and modules for lxx,
> Tisch nt as well as BHS.
> Problems:
> 1. both lxx and tisch modules specify the font "Symbol". This seems to 
> work for lxx, but not for the tisch new test. module.  In the latter,
> the final sigma character appears as an omega with a circumflex (or
> some kind of line -- it's a little blurry) above it.   Is my symbol
> font broken, or is there a bug in the module?  What font should
> display the nt text correctly?
> Also, is any work being done to include diacritical marks like accents 
> and breathing marks in the texts?  There are quite a few Greek fonts
> now that include these marks.
> 2. The bhs module, according to the web site, is locked.  First, what
> do I need to do to get a key for deciphering it?  Second, why is it
> locked -- the bhs text is commonly and widely available on the web.  A 
> number of years ago I signed an agreement with (I think) CCAT at
> Univ. of Penn. to get the electronic version, but more lately it
> appears to be obtainable without such an agreement.  Or am I wrong?
> Thanks for any information.
> -- 
> Michael Blaustein
> m-blaustein@sjca.edu

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Terry Lawson
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