[sword-devel] greek font, unlocking BHS

Michael Blaustein sword-devel@crosswire.org
Wed, 29 Mar 2000 08:48:12 -0500 (EST)

>>>>> "tlawson" == tlawson  <tlawson@cstn.net> writes:

    tlawson> I have a number of Greek fonts which handle the final
    tlawson> sigma of you can't find any, I believe them to be in the
    tlawson> public domain. I have gathered them over the years. I
    tlawson> could e-mail you a few of them if you would like. I am in

Thanks, but I already have a (some) font(s) with the correct
characters; it's a question of how the data is coded: thus, the
"symbol" font displays the LXX text data correctly, but not the NT
text data.  Other Greek fonts with all needed characters also fail,
presumably because of inconsistent coding.

I asked about this because I assumed if the module for the Greek NT
was available, someone must have solved this problem already.

    tlawson> way a programer, but have been keeping up (to the best of
    tlawson> my ability) I do how use Sword, along with about 6 or 7
    tlawson> other Bible programs often. I have a few suggestions, but
    tlawson> feel that it may be a little early to bring them them
    tlawson> up. I do have a rather large collection of English Bibles
    tlawson> (over 250 in part or whole) and would love to see a few
    tlawson> of them placed into a Bible program. I quickly downloaded
    tlawson> the Syriac thinking that it was James Murdock's
    tlawson> translation (came out long before the copyright laws) I
    tlawson> have been wanting to make an e-copy for years. Those who
    tlawson> know of know what I mean. It would be great to have a
    tlawson> small collection of scholarly Bible translations (which
    tlawson> are in the publick domain) to use which many are far
    tlawson> better than what is around now, at least as good.

I agree.

Michael Blaustein