[sword-devel] My comments on the SWORD CD

Joachim Ansorg sword-devel@crosswire.org
Fri, 18 Feb 2000 14:08:44 +0000


Troy, I downloaded the file and I see that you improved it very much!

Installation process installs now the required files, and the executables run.

One thing I noticed: If I select /usr/local/sword in the Global options part of
the installation program the install program installs a /etc/sword.conf file
with the DataPath /usr/share/sword
The directory /usr/share/sword is created and contains a subdirectory mods.d
with the file global.conf in it.

Could this be fixed (install the mods.d directory in the director the user
selected in /usr/local/sword) ?



> > Here are my comments on the SWORD CD sent by Darwin (Thank you very much
> > Darwin!).
> > 
> > The bibletime executable on the root directory of the CD is compiled with debug
> > code and uses libjpeg.so.62, which isn't installed as default on my system
> > (SuSE 6.2). I created a symlink to get it start.
> The bibletime executable on the root has been removed from the latest
> CD.  With cheatah, one may run the executable from the root of the CD
> and it will make available all the modules from the CD without
> installation (kindof like your SWORDPATH=/mnt/cdrom/ solution).  But
> with bibletime, many other files need to be in place for bibletime to
> run properly.
> > After tryng to run the bibletime executable I got something like "Unknown
> > machine instruction ". Perhaps it was compiled for a P3 or Sun something else.
> > 
> > Trying to run the installmanager from the CD doesn't work. I got something like
> > "Segmentation fault".
> Would you be able to download:
> ftp://ftp.crosswire.org/pub/sword/iso/nomods20000214.linonly.tar.gz
> and unzip over the files from the CD that Darwin sent (thanks for your
> help Darwin! :) )
> This should be a more stable test.
> > Perhaps I'll try to create a more colorful SWORD logo or is the current one not
> > changeable?
> Well, you could make one if you like.  We've had that logo now for many
> years and it is consistently used everywhere, from the website, to the
> install splash screen, to the icons.
> > A hint to use the CD with SWORD withput installing everything:
> > To use only the modules on CD set SWORD_PATH to the directory where the CD is
> > mounted. BibleTime or every other frontend displays now the modules on CD (no
> > encryption, no working personal commentary).
> Cool Joachim.  If you want, you may also copy the mods.d directory from
> the CD to somewhere on your harddrive, and then point the DataPath=
> entries in each file to the CD :)  And then you could point the personal
> commentary to your harddrive and also supply CypherKey= entries.  A
> short Perl script could probably accomplish this! :)  Chris Little?  :)
> 	-Troy.
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