[sword-devel] My comments on the SWORD CD

Troy A. Griffitts sword-devel@crosswire.org
Fri, 18 Feb 2000 12:37:08 -0700

> Troy, I downloaded the file and I see that you improved it very much!
> Thanks!
> Installation process installs now the required files, and the executables run.
> One thing I noticed: If I select /usr/local/sword in the Global options part of
> the installation program the install program installs a /etc/sword.conf file
> with the DataPath /usr/share/sword
> The directory /usr/share/sword is created and contains a subdirectory mods.d
> with the file global.conf in it.
> Could this be fixed (install the mods.d directory in the director the user
> selected in /usr/local/sword) ?

I'm glad it works for you.  I believe that you had success mostly
because you have gnome and kde installed on your computer.  I've been
trying on other distro, and have all kinds of mixed results.  The setup
app defaults to a text only mode if it can't find the required libs for
the gui.  This seems to help on some systems even though the gui is much
nicer, but when the point in installation where installmgr is executed,
things get messed up if the correct libs are not present.  I wish I knew
how to -static link installmgr correctly.  I'm assuming I need other
libs on my box to make this link correctly.

Anyway, gotta work.  More later.