[sword-devel] My comments on the SWORD CD

Troy A. Griffitts sword-devel@crosswire.org
Thu, 17 Feb 2000 13:07:46 -0700

> Here are my comments on the SWORD CD sent by Darwin (Thank you very much
> Darwin!).
> The bibletime executable on the root directory of the CD is compiled with debug
> code and uses libjpeg.so.62, which isn't installed as default on my system
> (SuSE 6.2). I created a symlink to get it start.

The bibletime executable on the root has been removed from the latest
CD.  With cheatah, one may run the executable from the root of the CD
and it will make available all the modules from the CD without
installation (kindof like your SWORDPATH=/mnt/cdrom/ solution).  But
with bibletime, many other files need to be in place for bibletime to
run properly.

> After tryng to run the bibletime executable I got something like "Unknown
> machine instruction ". Perhaps it was compiled for a P3 or Sun something else.
> Trying to run the installmanager from the CD doesn't work. I got something like
> "Segmentation fault".

Would you be able to download:


and unzip over the files from the CD that Darwin sent (thanks for your
help Darwin! :) )

This should be a more stable test.

> Perhaps I'll try to create a more colorful SWORD logo or is the current one not
> changeable?

Well, you could make one if you like.  We've had that logo now for many
years and it is consistently used everywhere, from the website, to the
install splash screen, to the icons.

> A hint to use the CD with SWORD withput installing everything:
> To use only the modules on CD set SWORD_PATH to the directory where the CD is
> mounted. BibleTime or every other frontend displays now the modules on CD (no
> encryption, no working personal commentary).

Cool Joachim.  If you want, you may also copy the mods.d directory from
the CD to somewhere on your harddrive, and then point the DataPath=
entries in each file to the CD :)  And then you could point the personal
commentary to your harddrive and also supply CypherKey= entries.  A
short Perl script could probably accomplish this! :)  Chris Little?  :)