[sword-devel] Codepages (Was: SWORD ISO CDROM IMAGE)

Kristof Petr sword-devel@crosswire.org
Mon, 07 Feb 2000 11:13:06 +0100

"Troy A. Griffitts" wrote:

> Kristof,
>         Have you tried using the TTF fonts we provide?  I use them with xfs and
> they seem to work fine.  I have no experience with the CZ modules.
> Please let me know if they do not work for you.  Do they work under
> windows?  Have you tried using the same font from windows under linux?
> Please let me know so we might get things working for you and others.

Hi Troy,

your propose is really dirty, ugly non-system hack.

We can install xfs with ttf support. Its allow us use fonts with non standard
encodings. If you use these fonts to display some inappropriate text,
it will be readable.
But you still will not input words (for searching for example) and you
cannt proccess text via clipboard etc.

And Im not talking about fact, that installing ttf fonts and configuring
it to work with some exotic encodings is so far from ability of
average users.

Im guess this problem does refer to all non english or non Latin-1
languages. (But I can verify it on 100% to Latin-2 only. It means
middle europe with less than 50 milions people only.)

I did contribute right files and description to sword on fall 1998,
so dont ban me for noncooperation, please.