[sword-devel] Codepages (Was: SWORD ISO CDROM IMAGE)

Troy A. Griffitts sword-devel@crosswire.org
Mon, 07 Feb 2000 11:25:43 -0700

> your propose is really dirty, ugly non-system hack.
> We can install xfs with ttf support. Its allow us use fonts with non standard
> encodings. If you use these fonts to display some inappropriate text,
> it will be readable.
> But you still will not input words (for searching for example) and you
> cannt proccess text via clipboard etc.

Thank you for explaining to me why the ttf solution is not ideal.  I
never thought about these issues.

> And Im not talking about fact, that installing ttf fonts and configuring
> it to work with some exotic encodings is so far from ability of
> average users.

Yes.  I understand the difficulties.  I've begun to add font
installation features to the installer in the hope to make this easier.

> Im guess this problem does refer to all non english or non Latin-1
> languages. (But I can verify it on 100% to Latin-2 only. It means
> middle europe with less than 50 milions people only.)

Please test and verify all modules that you can.  I would love to know
which ones work with standard encoding and which ones do not.

> I did contribute right files and description to sword on fall 1998,
> so dont ban me for noncooperation, please.

Petr, not sure what files you mean.  You contributed a CZ module with
correct encoding?  This would be great, if so.  Please resend and I will
be sure to include in the project.

What we could really use is a small filter to translate encodings on the
fly.  This would solve all CZ modules now and in the future (and other
modules with same encodings) and would be a great blessing.  If you
would like to look into such a filter, you will find other filters as
good examples in sword/src/modules/filters.  A simple const char
array[256] filled with appropriate translation should work great (or
maybe I don't understand CZ encoding-- is it 2-byte?)

	Thanks for raising concerns.  My hope is that we can solve this for you
and others.


> Petr