[jsword-devel] Android bible based on JSword

scott.bouma at gmail.com scott.bouma at gmail.com
Wed Jun 16 15:35:31 MST 2010


I'm interested in working with your android jsword and trying to use it as the backend for a BlackBerry Bible.  Did you actually get jsword to build and run using the android JVM?  I tried that for the BlackBerry JVM a couple of weeks ago but for some reason the BlackBerry api was missing quite a few of the basic java library classes (java.util.HashMap for example).  Did you have to make many changes to jsword for it to work in android?  If not then maybe it just won't work for me.  The other option is to build on the gobible code, which apparently crosswire has kind of adopted as their mobile backend for now. gobible is nice and lightweight but I think jsword would be better for smartphones since it works with sword modules directly. 


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