[jsword-devel] Android bible based on JSword

Martin Denham mjdenham at gmail.com
Wed Jun 16 10:27:15 MST 2010


I have been working on a bible for Android mobile phones that uses JSword as
the back-end.

I have a working prototype but have not used JSword before and I think I
will be asking for some advice from you in the coming weeks.

I have got as far as displaying bibles on the Android and choosing different
bibles/books/chapters.  It is even usable for simple bible reading.

After I started this project I stumbled over some forum messages from Troy
in the Sword project who has started a similar project that also is in it's
early days and uses Sword instead of JSword.

Thanks for all your excellent work on JSword.  It provided a jump start for
my Android project.

Best Regards
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