[jsword-devel] Android bible based on JSword

Martin Denham mjdenham at gmail.com
Thu Jun 17 08:25:45 MST 2010

Hi Scott,

I must confess I did not find it trivial to make JSword work on Android but
most of the problems I encountered were really down to my lack of
familiarity with JSword rather than limitations within Android.  Android
includes a set of core libraries that provides most of the functionality
available in the core libraries of the Java programming language.  The
Blackberry has a different java environment to Android because it uses J2ME
and only CLDC and not the more complete CDC so you may have problems running
JSword on Blackberry, as you have discovered.

It looks like you could consider using gobible for the blackberry if it
works.  Maybe I should look at gobible if that is supposed to be the
preferred mobile back end.

A few weeks I was considering which way to go with mobile bible
s/w because I had used Pocket e-Sword on WinMo for many years but WinMo is
growing less popular, Pocket e-Sword is no longer supported and I always had
a few niggles with the ui.  Considering all I took a possibly crazy decision
to write a mobile bible app and started wondering which os and how to get
started quickly.

When I started using JSword on Android I encountered a sequence of error
messages and continually hacked the code to make JSword work e.g. default
directory settings, but as I became more familiar JSword I discovered the
correct way to make JSword work and now I am running with an almost
unmodified version of JSword.  The only modifications I currently have are
i) compilation using jdk 1.5 instead of the default 1.4 because Android
displays a lot of warnings if you compile with 1.4 ii) jdom 1.1.1 because it
has specific fixes for Android but actually I have found jdom 1.0.0 also
works for what I am currently using JSword for.

Currently I am struggling to make the search functionality work but I
believe that should be working in a few days and again is
probably because of my inexperience with JSword and Lucene.  Any way I am
learning lots and at least it stopped me playing Mario Kart every night.

Best wishes


On 16 June 2010 23:35, <scott.bouma at gmail.com> wrote:

> Hi,
> I'm interested in working with your android jsword and trying to use it as
> the backend for a BlackBerry Bible.  Did you actually get jsword to build
> and run using the android JVM?  I tried that for the BlackBerry JVM a couple
> of weeks ago but for some reason the BlackBerry api was missing quite a few
> of the basic java library classes (java.util.HashMap for example).  Did you
> have to make many changes to jsword for it to work in android?  If not then
> maybe it just won't work for me.  The other option is to build on the
> gobible code, which apparently crosswire has kind of adopted as their mobile
> backend for now. gobible is nice and lightweight but I think jsword would be
> better for smartphones since it works with sword modules directly.
> Regards,
> Scott
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