[jsword-devel] JSword GoBible Creator

DM Smith dmsmith at crosswire.org
Sun Jul 12 09:07:56 MST 2009

On Jul 12, 2009, at 4:36 AM, Stephen Denne wrote:

> I've started work on creating a GoBible creator that uses jsword for  
> its bible source.
> I've got it working as an eclipse project in a workspace that also  
> has the jsword & bibletime projects.

Cool. Do you use both BibleTime and JSword for this?

How is Eclipse for C++ development of BibleTime?

> My test modules have been ESV & NETfree.
> I disabled most of the GoBibleCreator "Collections" concept,  
> thinking that they could be added back in later on once I got things  
> working.
> By adapting a stylesheet to produce text output instead of HTML,  
> most of the format transformation work comes very easily.
> ESV has red-letters for Christ's words, which I've managed to get  
> working (for ESV) too.

We need to be a bit careful here. The ESV and NET Bibles are  
copyrighted and need to have permission to be used as a GoBible  
module. This might already be the case. As we (both CrossWire and  
GoBible) negotiate copyright permissions we are trying to obtain  
permissions for both platforms. If these are currently available as a  
GoBible modules then there shouldn't be any copyright issues.

> What next steps do you think I should work on?
> I definitely think a GUI is required to select a module, chose  
> various options, select output destination.

I have not used GoBible (my phone does not support Java :( ) so I'm  
not sure. A gui would be a good thing. Better would be a simple class  
that would represent what a GUI would need to present. Then any JSword  
frontend could provide a face to the builder.

I'd be glad to add this as a project under JSword's svn and give you  
ownership of it.

> I thought perhaps an Alkitab module might be an appropriate simple  
> distribution scheme.

Do you mean plug-in? Alkitab is based on Sun's NetBeans. I'm curious  
if you could develop for it within Eclipse?

BTW, I'm blind copying David Haslam on this as he might not be on this  
mailing list and I'm sure he'd be interested.

In Him,

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