[jsword-devel] JSword and Map/Image modules

Brian Fernandes infernalproteus at gmail.com
Tue Jan 27 00:21:55 MST 2009

> I'm going out on a limb here and guessing. Karl's modules are ThML and 
> the href/src (or whatever it is called) is not something that JSword 
> anticipated. Currently, JSword handles the images according to the one 
> image module that is at CrossWire (perhaps under alpha) and also the BAO 
> module (that we had to remove).

Yes, all map modules are with sourceType=ThML. Since yesterday, I've 
also looked at absmaps.zip which is another set of Maps in Genbook 
format. This is also ThML source and BD renders it flawlessly without 
any mods.

> It shouldn't matter whether the module is one kind or another. The xsl 
> that we use is relatively brain-dead. It does not expect a valid OSIS 
> document, it merely renders the OSIS that it is handled one element at a 
> time. So, if it cannot display an image, the problem could be that the
> path is not what was expected.

Rendering is not the problem, as the XSL does seem to be doing a good 
job with the ThML/Genbook maps.

The problem now is that if you select a ThML/Map module, BD does not 
display either a list or a tree for you to select a particular map. It's 
just blank. So BD is broken here, but we need to know whether to display 
Map modules as trees or as lists to make the the right fix. So far 
"List" seems the way to go. Once that fix is made, BD renders the actual 
content just fine.

> I don't understand the epiphany-maps.zip problem.

There is actually no problem here; instead of including real maps, 
epiphany-maps.zip uses a standin image which contains the text "go read 
README". That in turn tells you to download the images from a specific 
site and replace the standins with them. Once I did this, I could see 
the real maps in Bible desktop (after forcing Map modules to be 
displayed as lists)

There is a problem with the Netmaps module though, with the above fix, I 
do get a list of items and textual content but the images are missing. 
Which is odd because the paths worked for epiphany-maps.

> I won't have time to look at this for a while. Anyone else who can fix 
> it would be greatly appreciated.

I can take a look at this one over this week, unless anyone else is 

> If you could file a bug on Jira, this won't get lost.


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