[jsword-devel] JSword and Map/Image modules

DM Smith dmsmith555 at yahoo.com
Mon Jan 26 17:32:13 MST 2009

On Jan 26, 2009, at 1:43 PM, Brian Fernandes wrote:

> I was trying to get map modules working in BibleDesktop (1.6 and  
> nightly from 14th Dec), but could not.
> I downloaded epiphany-maps.zip, netmaps.zip and farbibatlas.zip from ftp://ftp.kleinpaste.org/pub/sword/zip 
>  (Peter pointed me to this location, crosswire.org has no maps/ 
> images). Only the last of these worked in BibleDesktop and it turned  
> out to be a genbook module, not a map module. The first two were map  
> modules, selecting them in in the sidebar does nothing, the "table  
> of contents" area remains blank.
> I looked into this a bit further and realized that BibleDesktop was  
> attempting to display Map modules as trees, but the RawLDBackend  
> model would return "0" for getChildCount() and nothing would be  
> displayed in the contents area. getCardinality() though would return  
> the right number of items in module.
> If you change MultiBookPane to treat Maps as a list instead of a  
> Tree, (by adding category.equals(BookCategory.MAPS) to the "else if"  
> on line 451, then BibleDesktop does display the contents and  
> individual maps when list items are clicked.
> This would be okay if Map modules are not hierarchical and simply  
> lists. The two I had were lists (as seen in BPBible). Is this the  
> norm for Map modules? I assume Image modules would be the same? (is  
> this documented anywhere?)
> Brian.
> P.S. I had to manually download images for the epiphany-maps.zip  
> file as instructed by placeholder images. After the above fix, I  
> could view both the text and the corresponding map without issue in  
> BibleDesktop.
> For netmaps, the contents would show up but clicking them only shows  
> me text, no images. This module works just fine in BPBible; I have  
> not looked into this problem yet.

I'm going out on a limb here and guessing. Karl's modules are ThML and  
the href/src (or whatever it is called) is not something that JSword  
anticipated. Currently, JSword handles the images according to the one  
image module that is at CrossWire (perhaps under alpha) and also the  
BAO module (that we had to remove).

It shouldn't matter whether the module is one kind or another. The xsl  
that we use is relatively brain-dead. It does not expect a valid OSIS  
document, it merely renders the OSIS that it is handled one element at  
a time. So, if it cannot display an image, the problem could be that  
the path is not what was expected.

I don't understand the epiphany-maps.zip problem.

I won't have time to look at this for a while. Anyone else who can fix  
it would be greatly appreciated.

If you could file a bug on Jira, this won't get lost.

In Him,

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