[jsword-devel] German Translation (BD) and more

DM Smith dmsmith555 at yahoo.com
Thu Mar 6 07:16:02 MST 2008

The following are not patching cleanly. Can you send me the files in a  


See below for other response:

On Mar 2, 2008, at 1:09 PM, Benny Wasty wrote:

> Hi,
> now the German translation is complete (see attached zipped patch  
> files).
> I also changed 3 English entries in config.properties, which are a  
> bit clearer now I hope (Passages.BlurringRules.alternative.1,  
> Passages.PersistentNaming.name, Passages.PersistentNaming.help).
> I think there is one field missing in the translation files: the  
> summary-label in the Select Passage Dialog. I couldn't find where to  
> put the translation for "verses" and "book".
This is a good catch. It is in o.c.j.passage.Msg.properties
Let me work on it a bit, as it needs some help to be internationalized  

> And I noticed that the German translation of the GPL under  
> "warranty" in the About-Dialog doesn't show the German special  
> characters correctly. But why is the translation there anyway? It's  
> somehow confusing to have the German version under "warranty" and  
> the English version under "licence".
This is in the common project.
The accented German is "corrupt". The text file looks like it is in  
UTF-8 and not with \u characters. Let me see if I can fix this.
It should show German for both. My guess is that the corruption is  
preventing it and it is falling back to English.

> Finally I've got two suggestions for an improvement of the UI. The  
> toolbar should use the big icons as default. The small ones look too  
> small even with a moderate display resolution.
> I would also swap the positions of the Go-buttons and the Select/ 
> Advanced button in the main window so that the Go-buttons are  
> directly next to the input fields. It would be more natural and the  
> Select/Advanced Dialog do not operate on the the values in the input  
> fields anyway.

Sounds good to me.

> I would do some of the changes myself, but I won't have the time  
> before the coming release I'm afraid.

You might get there before me. :)

> In Him,
> Benny
> DM Smith schrieb:
>> On Feb 17, 2008, at 4:34 PM, Benny Wasty wrote:
>>> Hi,
>>> I've got the German translation almost complete now, but a few
>>> issues/questions came up:
>>> What does the option "Default Number of Matched Verses" mean   
>>> exactly? I
>>> couldn't figure it out and don't know how to translate it correctly.
>> This option pertains to the Advanced Search dialog, where you can   
>> prioritize the search result. The number of verses that is returned  
>> is  configurable by a slider, where 0 means show all the verses.  
>> The  slider defaults to the number set by "Default Number of  
>> Matched  Verses". I think this starts at 20.
>>> "Persistent Naming" still has "Should your input of names ." as the
>>> Tooltip, which doesn't really explain it.
>> We've never really figured out what to call this. When the user  
>> types  something into the "Show Passages" this setting indicates  
>> whether BD  is allowed to rewrite it or not. If Persistent Naming  
>> is not set, then  BD will re-write, using either full or  
>> abbreviated Bible book names  depending on what the user has set in  
>> options.
>>> In the "Search Quick Help"-Dialog the Ok-Button is labeled
>>> "Ok.Name=Alias.OK".
>> I thought I had fixed that. I have now and will be checking it in   
>> shortly.
>>> In the Installation Manager Dialog the button for editing the
>>> download-sites is labeled simply "Edit" now. It was "Edit Sites..."
>>> before which would be more appropriate I think.
>> Thanks for the input, I am reverting to the old ones.
>>> A different issue: I see how the Java property jsword.home is   
>>> changed in
>>> Portable BibleDesktop for the Linux-Version. I tried the same as a  
>>> VM
>>> argument in Eclipse (-Djsword.home=...) but then BD didn't start   
>>> because
>>> of a NoClassDefFoundError (seems like the path is taken as the
>>> classpatch).
>> I knew it would work externally. I'm surprised that it does not  
>> work  when invoked within Eclipse.
>> jsword.home is not actually used as the classpath. JSword has it's  
>> own  ClassLoader which effective prepends JSword home to the  
>> classpath.
>>> As a workaround I hardcoded the folder to be used in the
>>> place where the system property is read.
>> This is what I would have suggested if you are launching within   
>> Eclipse. I might figure out another way. But as long as you have a   
>> workable solution, I'm inclined to work on other things.
>>> And on startup I now get a few popups like "Ignoring Invalid Option:
>>> [Module Name]" with Robinsons/Strongs/Personal Commentary/King James
>>> Dictionary. I use the modules from my BibleCS installation (as
>>> additional book location).
>> These are warnings that there is an option mentioned in the module   
>> that is not specified correctly. I have all the modules installed  
>> and  I get a few of these on some of the beta modules. I think all  
>> the  other current modules have the correct values in their conf.
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