[jsword-devel] German Translation (BD) and more

Benny Wasty bennywasty at gmx.de
Sun Mar 2 11:09:32 MST 2008

now the German translation is complete (see attached zipped patch files).
I also changed 3 English entries in config.properties, which are a bit 
clearer now I hope (Passages.BlurringRules.alternative.1, 
Passages.PersistentNaming.name, Passages.PersistentNaming.help).

I think there is one field missing in the translation files: the 
summary-label in the Select Passage Dialog. I couldn't find where to put 
the translation for "verses" and "book".

And I noticed that the German translation of the GPL under "warranty" in 
the About-Dialog doesn't show the German special characters correctly. 
But why is the translation there anyway? It's somehow confusing to have 
the German version under "warranty" and the English version under "licence".

Finally I've got two suggestions for an improvement of the UI. The 
toolbar should use the big icons as default. The small ones look too 
small even with a moderate display resolution.
I would also swap the positions of the Go-buttons and the 
Select/Advanced button in the main window so that the Go-buttons are 
directly next to the input fields. It would be more natural and the 
Select/Advanced Dialog do not operate on the the values in the input 
fields anyway.

I would do some of the changes myself, but I won't have the time before 
the coming release I'm afraid.

In Him,

DM Smith schrieb:
> On Feb 17, 2008, at 4:34 PM, Benny Wasty wrote:
>> Hi,
>> I've got the German translation almost complete now, but a few
>> issues/questions came up:
>> What does the option "Default Number of Matched Verses" mean  
>> exactly? I
>> couldn't figure it out and don't know how to translate it correctly.
> This option pertains to the Advanced Search dialog, where you can  
> prioritize the search result. The number of verses that is returned is  
> configurable by a slider, where 0 means show all the verses. The  
> slider defaults to the number set by "Default Number of Matched  
> Verses". I think this starts at 20.
>> "Persistent Naming" still has "Should your input of names ." as the
>> Tooltip, which doesn't really explain it.
> We've never really figured out what to call this. When the user types  
> something into the "Show Passages" this setting indicates whether BD  
> is allowed to rewrite it or not. If Persistent Naming is not set, then  
> BD will re-write, using either full or abbreviated Bible book names  
> depending on what the user has set in options.
>> In the "Search Quick Help"-Dialog the Ok-Button is labeled
>> "Ok.Name=Alias.OK".
> I thought I had fixed that. I have now and will be checking it in  
> shortly.
>> In the Installation Manager Dialog the button for editing the
>> download-sites is labeled simply "Edit" now. It was "Edit Sites..."
>> before which would be more appropriate I think.
> Thanks for the input, I am reverting to the old ones.
>> A different issue: I see how the Java property jsword.home is  
>> changed in
>> Portable BibleDesktop for the Linux-Version. I tried the same as a VM
>> argument in Eclipse (-Djsword.home=...) but then BD didn't start  
>> because
>> of a NoClassDefFoundError (seems like the path is taken as the
>> classpatch).
> I knew it would work externally. I'm surprised that it does not work  
> when invoked within Eclipse.
> jsword.home is not actually used as the classpath. JSword has it's own  
> ClassLoader which effective prepends JSword home to the classpath.
>> As a workaround I hardcoded the folder to be used in the
>> place where the system property is read.
> This is what I would have suggested if you are launching within  
> Eclipse. I might figure out another way. But as long as you have a  
> workable solution, I'm inclined to work on other things.
>> And on startup I now get a few popups like "Ignoring Invalid Option:
>> [Module Name]" with Robinsons/Strongs/Personal Commentary/King James
>> Dictionary. I use the modules from my BibleCS installation (as
>> additional book location).
> These are warnings that there is an option mentioned in the module  
> that is not specified correctly. I have all the modules installed and  
> I get a few of these on some of the beta modules. I think all the  
> other current modules have the correct values in their conf.
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