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Tonny Kohar tonny.kohar at gmail.com
Mon Jul 28 01:17:20 MST 2008


Thanks Greg and Peter for the comment regarding output of Google Translation.

From your feedback, it seem the translation is way off (totaly wrong) :(
I need to find another way to add/translate Alkitab into another
language or wait for user contribution.

Yes, BD have those translations ready, because I am using similar UI
layout from BD (IMHO, the layout is good, easy to understand) but
implemented differently. However, BD is GPL where as Alkitab is PD,
therefore if I want to take the text translation/locale from BD, I am
unable to do that without changing the license from PD to GPL. (Sorry,
didn't mean to introduce license flame wars :).

I think I will translate it first into the language I known
(Indonesian),  the rest will done later.

Greg, how about using word by word dictionary translation ? is it good
enough ? Because I could easily find those dictionary (eng to
somelanguage) in the bookstore. Is word by word translation is good
enough for (phrase, grammar, etc) or it will end up like Google
Translation result ?

Tonny Kohar

2008/7/28 Peter von Kaehne <refdoc at gmx.net>:
> The German translation is way off. So way off, that you would create
> more offence by using it than by not having a German translation.
> Much of this stuff though has been translated in BD and if you wanted
> you probably could simply nick those translations.
> Peter
> Greg Hellings wrote:
>> Hi, Tonny
>> 2008/7/28 Tonny Kohar <tonny.kohar at gmail.com>:
>>> Hi,
>>> I am planning to add locale for Alkitab Bible Study and wondering
>>> whether google translation is good enough tool ? Does anyone can
>>> comment on the quality of the Google Translation
>>> (http://translate.google.com/translate_t) result ?
>>> Since I am only able to speak Indonesian and English (not so good),
>>> could anyone check this sample translation (result of Google
>>> Translation), because if the result is good enough, I think I will go
>>> ahead
>>> Below are the sample text that I translate using Google Translation tool
>>> CTL_Bible.Text = Bible
>>> CTL_ViewerCategory.Text = Viewer
>>> CTL_NoVNum.Text = Hide Verse Numbers
>>> CTL_VNum.Text = Show Verse Numbers Only
>>> CTL_CVNum.Text = Show Chapter and Verse Numbers
>>> CTL_TinyVNum.Text = Use Small Verse Number
>>> CTL_VLine.Text = Start Verse on Separate Line
>>> // German
>>> CTL_Bible.Text = Bibel
>>> CTL_ViewerCategory.Text = Viewer
>>> CTL_NoVNum.Text = Hide Vers-Nummern
>>> CTL_VNum.Text = Zeige Vers nur Zahlen
>>> CTL_CVNum.Text = Zeige Kapitel und Vers-Nummern
>>> CTL_TinyVNum.Text = Verwenden Sie kleinen Vers Zahl
>>> CTL_VLine.Text = Start Vers auf separaten Line
>>> // Spanish
>>> CTL_Bible.Text = Biblia
>>> CTL_ViewerCategory.Text = Espectador
>>> CTL_NoVNum.Text = Ocultar número de verso
>>> CTL_VNum.Text = Mostrar sólo verso números
>>> CTL_CVNum.Text = Mostrar el capítulo y versículo números
>>> CTL_TinyVNum.Text = Uso número pequeño verso
>>> CTL_VLine.Text = Inicio verso en línea separada
>>> // Chinese simplified
>>> CTL_Bible.Text = 圣经
>>> CTL_ViewerCategory.Text = 查看
>>> CTL_NoVNum.Text =       隐藏韵文号码
>>> CTL_VNum.Text =         数字显示,韵文只
>>> CTL_CVNum.Text =        显示诗章和号码
>>> CTL_TinyVNum.Text = 使用小的数目诗
>>> CTL_VLine.Text = 开始,诗就单独的行
>>> So what do you think about this Google Translation result (totaly
>>> wrong, somewhat wrong, just ok, good) ? Is it suitable tool for
>>> Alkitab locale ?
>>> If the result is not suitable, I will need to think another way :(,
>>> however if it is ok, I will go ahead and create the locale.
>> I don't speak any of those languages well enough to comment on the
>> accuracy of these exact translations, but I do study in the area of AI
>> and text processing.  I can tell you that a tool like this might be a
>> good tool to use as a rough translation, but all of the phrases would
>> need to be checked by a human familiar with both languages, preferably
>> one who is a native speaker of at least one and hopefully of both.
>> Use the tool to get you started, but then go over each translation
>> carefully to check if it makes sense in Alkitab.  These tools
>> especially do a poor job of translating colloquial phrases and figures
>> of speech.  Hopefully you won't find any of those, but you never know
>> -- and that's why human checking is still necessary for all machine
>> translation tasks.
>> --Greg
>>> Cheers
>>> Tonny Kohar
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