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DM Smith dmsmith555 at yahoo.com
Sun Sep 23 16:37:08 MST 2007


Welcome. Any thing you can do for the project will be greatly  

  I hastily added the FontStore for a Farsi release of BibleDesktop.  
The warning should not be made, because it is alright for the  
FontStore to not exist. I'm not sure why the default font is  
different than 1.0.7 when FontStore does not exist. I think that  
should be considered a bug.

Yes the German translation is incomplete. I cannot say whether what's  
there is good or bad because it was done by two Germans, Manfred (who  
started the work, but now working on MacSword) and Peter (who is  
currently working on it). But your patches are welcomed. Peter has  
volunteered to oversee the Turkish translation of BD and I hope that  
he will apply these changes as well. (Otherwise, I will)

After this week my time should free up some and I'll be able to look  
at being able to fix the "Never in English, in a German locale, even  
when English is selected." problem. I think I know why this is  

Your suggestion to simplify translation is a good one. The primary  
problems today are:
1) Property files are scattered and it is not obvious which ones need  
to be translated.
2) Files contain both UI text, error text and debug text, but no  
distinction is made between them. It is not clear what has to be  
translated, what should be translated and which is probably never  
going to be seen by anyone.

If you haven't seen it, we have a page giving an overview of how to  

If you haven't set up the project in Eclipse, I highly recommend it.  
You can find instructions here:

To aide in translation the Eclipse plugin JInto is most excellent.  
And using Eclipse to generate the patches makes them easy for me to  

Serving together in Christ,
	DM Smith

On Sep 22, 2007, at 5:52 PM, Benny Wasty wrote:

> Hi,
> this is my first mail to the list, so a short introduction: I'm  
> from Germany and I'm currently studying Software Engineering. I  
> know the Sword Project for quite some time and have also followed  
> the mailing lists for a few months. Now I've found the time to  
> really get involved and start programming etc.
> The first problem I have is a warning that shows up (when I compile  
> and run BibleDesktop in eclipse):
> -----
> 21.09.2007 00:43:57 org.crosswire.common.swing.FontStore load
> WARNUNG: Unable to load the font store: file:/C:/Dokumente%20und% 
> 20Einstellungen/Benny%20Wasty/.jsword%5CBookFonts.properties
> -----
> The result is that the font of the bible text is different  
> (something with serifs, and smaller, too small) compared to my  
> installed version (1.07). Anyone knows what could be the reason?
> I started improving the German translation of the UI because it's  
> quite bad and incomplete. The attached patch contains the changes  
> (only .properties-files). It's not perfect and also not totally  
> complete, but */much /*better than the current translation...
> The language-property-files are a bit problematic in my opinion.  
> Weren't too easy to find in the first place, there are many and  
> they're spread among quite a few directories. Would be really  
> helpful to keep the translations in one place, maybe even in one  
> file. Adding new languages would also be easier then.
> And there's a bug with the selection of the translation:
> I always see the German version, no matter if German or English is  
> selected in the options menu. Switching to Turkish or Persian is  
> possible though. I looked into the code and debugged a little, but  
> couldn't find anything yet. Maybe it has something do to with my  
> operating system's language being German...
> Enough for the first mail...
> Benny Wasty
> <jsword_german_translation.zip>_______________________________________ 
> ________
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