[jsword-devel] Vietnamese translation

peter refdoc at gmx.net
Fri Oct 26 01:32:00 MST 2007

If you post me the files I upload them tonight.


Daniel Owens wrote:
> I probably should have asked whether someone was already working on 
> this, but I have been translating the BibleDesktop user interface and 
> Bible book names into Vietnamese. I have the following files translated 
> into Vietnamese:
> AboutPane_vi.properties
> Desktop_vi.properties
> Msg_vi.properties
> ViewSourcePane_vi.properties
> and
> BibleNames_vi.properties
> Traditionally Bible names are translated with a hyphen. For example, 
> Exodus is translated Xuất Ê-díp-tô Ký. When I created the Ansi file this 
> is the Exodus entry, with the hyphenated version in the alternate name 
> slot, hyphens marked "\u002D":
> Exod.Full=Xu\u1EA5t \u00CAd\u00EDpt\u00F4 K\u00FD
> Exod.Short=Xu
> Exod.Alt=Xu\u1EA5t \u00CA\u002Dd\u00EDp\u002Dt\u00F4 K\u00FD
> I don't have access to upload to SVN, and I wasn't sure I had all the 
> necessary files. Can someone let me know where to go from here or if I 
> am lacking anything?
> Daniel
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