[jsword-devel] SVN and Subclipse

DM Smith dmsmith555 at yahoo.com
Fri Jan 20 16:58:42 MST 2006

I found that by default Subclipse has the behavior of assuming all 
deletes that Eclipse does should cause a corresponding delete in the 

When doing a copy and paste of a file in Eclipse, Eclipse will do a 
delete of the target followed by an add of the file to be copied. 
Subclipse sees this as a delete, but is unable to correctly handle the add.

Subclipse has added a custom property called DeferFileDelete. When this 
happens, deletes are ignored until commit. At such time you will be 
given a choice of whether to delete in the repository or not. Until you 
commit the delete, if you do an update or a revert on a parent 
directory, the files will be restored.

I have set this on all our projects.

In e-mailing with the Subclipse folks, I found that we want to use 
JavaSVN rather than javaHL. When set, commits across projects within the 
same repository are atomic.
This can be set on:
Window -> Preferences -> Team -> SVN

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