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Kobus Grobler kobus at aartappel.co.za
Mon Dec 18 02:41:19 MST 2006

Troy A. Griffitts wrote:
> Well, Hebrew did not render well on my phone.  It TRIED to render.  I'm 
> guessing different phones will give different results.  Same with Greek. 
>   The first lesson at:
> crosswire.org/fc
> Will give 3 types of greek flashcards.  1) most are rendered from an 
> image; 2) one is left as UTF-8 Greek; 3) one is a simple latin 'test 
> word' (not very useful).
> You can see how all three types render on your phone.  Basically the 
> flashcards program looks for a prerendered image and if it doesn't 
> exist, it tries to send the UTF-8 to the phone to let it try to render.
Will check this out.
>  From my limited experience with j2me, I can't see how any framework 
> could possibly add anything worth its overhead, to help with a Bible 
> study tool.  The lowest common denominator for phones is so basic, I 
> can't imagine anything more than
> 1) a simple text display of a few verses
> 2) very basic bk ch:vs selection
> 3) a simple search input screen
> 4) a simple search result list
> 5) possibly a simple top 10 bookmark list or history list.
Yes, that's my take on it as well.

> storage would probably not be able to use any current sword drivers, but 
> use the j2me rms, instead.  It shouldn't be hard to write a simple app 
> that would hit a swordweb page like fetchdata.jsp, that would load the 
> phone up with a small range of text from the Bible.  Kobus' suggestion 
> to package a Bible up in the .jar file might be useful if we can 
> guarantee it will fit on the device.  This is how flashcards works.  We 
> could have the website generate custom .jar packages for user based on 
> their selection.  I was hoping to do something like this for flashcards.
> 	-Troy.
There are a few bible-on-wap/wml sites out there, and that is great for 
countries where gprs/3g is common and cheap. Where data access is 
available I would not even bother with a midlet, the device's wap 
browser is usually OK.
Unfortunately even in South Africa we have large pieces of the country 
that has no GSM reception. I had the privilege to spend the weekend on a 
farm with no cellphone reception (which is a blessing ;)). 

The main reason however would be for our brothers in countries where the 
church is still persecuted. I would say that having a local copy of the 
bible on your (older) phone, preferably obfuscated in some way, would be 

For me, it would be a nice to have.

After all, I (like many of us) do have a bible that's mobile,  requires 
no batteries and does not mind if I write on it ;)


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