[jsword-devel] jsword on j2me

Kobus Grobler kobus at aartappel.co.za
Mon Dec 18 02:19:21 MST 2006


>> You have to understand from the outset that you are working with  
>> very resource limited devices. So just targeting an old version of  
>> j2se is just not going to cut it. Limited memory is usually a very  
>> real issue. CPU in for our target probably not as much an issue if  
>> designed correctly.Think < 1MB to cover most devices, although  
>> newer phones have about 6-8MB of which you can obviously use only a  
>> few MB.
> If I understand you correctly: The 1MB limit is the storage limit of  
> the device, probably flash.
> With regard to the code size of the parts of JSword and Common that  
> have any meaning on a "small" device, this should not be a problem.
Nope, I was referring to the amount of volatile memory. The storage 
space range anything from a few MB to several GB depending on the type 
of phone and flash card used (if external flash is supported).
Code and data(the bible text) would have to be shipped in one jar file 
on j2me devices. And that jar file would have to be <1MB to work on most 
phones (some phones have limits ranging in the Kb range, but that just 
wont be supported). Come to think of it, it might be necessary to split 
it into NT/OT.

> I think it will be important to keep an authoritative bridge to the  
> Sword modules, perhaps by creating an importer that can convert a  
> Sword module into the format necessary for a J2ME implementation.  
> This should be fairly easy given that JSword can read Sword modules.  
> (Almost done with GenBook support).
Yes it would be great to have a jsword module -> j2me format converter.

> I guess I should have given a bit more info. eRCP is short for  
> "Embedded Rich Client Platform" and is the Eclipse effort to create a  
> j2me implementation of RCP.
> There is a similar, related effort for eSWT and eJFace.
> See http://www.eclipse.org/ercp/ for more details.
> There is also a J2ME plugin EclipseME that allows J2ME development  
> within Eclipse.
> I imagine that eRCP/eSWT/eJFace may have a substantial foot print.
> Again, I am in over my head with all of this. So I appreciate you  
> filling me in and taking this on.
eRCP does not support J2ME MIDP1/2. It's more for PDA type devices that 
has the J2ME "CLC" configuration. That would be the Nokia communicators, 
Sony/Ericsson P9xx, Windows Mobile and some Palm OS devices etc.

Also, just the framework is about 300Kb.

> Troy has just ported FlashCards to j2me (see: www.crosswire.org/fc ).  
> He found that Hebrew is not supported. He had to resort to using  
> images to get get it to look right. It may have been that it was just  
> quicker for him to do that than figure out the font issue. I don't  
> know. Perhaps, he'll chime in.
See my comments in the next mail to Troy.



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