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Troy A. Griffitts scribe at crosswire.org
Sun Dec 17 15:28:03 MST 2006

> And I think I heard that it does not have Properties as well. I am  
> curious how internationalization is approached as the J2SE approach  
> is Resource Bundles.

I have a basic j2me Properties replacement at:

> Troy has just ported FlashCards to j2me (see: www.crosswire.org/fc ).  
> He found that Hebrew is not supported. He had to resort to using  
> images to get get it to look right. It may have been that it was just  
> quicker for him to do that than figure out the font issue. I don't  
> know. Perhaps, he'll chime in.

Well, Hebrew did not render well on my phone.  It TRIED to render.  I'm 
guessing different phones will give different results.  Same with Greek. 
  The first lesson at:


Will give 3 types of greek flashcards.  1) most are rendered from an 
image; 2) one is left as UTF-8 Greek; 3) one is a simple latin 'test 
word' (not very useful).

You can see how all three types render on your phone.  Basically the 
flashcards program looks for a prerendered image and if it doesn't 
exist, it tries to send the UTF-8 to the phone to let it try to render.

 From my limited experience with j2me, I can't see how any framework 
could possibly add anything worth its overhead, to help with a Bible 
study tool.  The lowest common denominator for phones is so basic, I 
can't imagine anything more than

1) a simple text display of a few verses
2) very basic bk ch:vs selection
3) a simple search input screen
4) a simple search result list
5) possibly a simple top 10 bookmark list or history list.

storage would probably not be able to use any current sword drivers, but 
use the j2me rms, instead.  It shouldn't be hard to write a simple app 
that would hit a swordweb page like fetchdata.jsp, that would load the 
phone up with a small range of text from the Bible.  Kobus' suggestion 
to package a Bible up in the .jar file might be useful if we can 
guarantee it will fit on the device.  This is how flashcards works.  We 
could have the website generate custom .jar packages for user based on 
their selection.  I was hoping to do something like this for flashcards.


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