[jsword-devel] Re: [bd-users] Two blocks in the end of verses

DM Smith dmsmith555 at yahoo.com
Mon Sep 19 09:40:19 MST 2005

    Can you give me more information on your problem? I need to know 
which Bible you are using.

    As to adding support to Brazilian Portuguese in BibleDesktop, this 
should only require translating the various properties files in the 
application. The following is a bit technical and probably should be on 
jsword-devel. Hopefully it will make sense.

To do this you would create a copy of each property file and rename it 
to include the language. For example, BibleInfo.properties would become 
BibleInfo_pt.properties, since pt is the ISO standard language code for 

The basic structure of a property file is:
program_key = display value
where program_key is what the program uses to find the string to display 
to the user.

The way the property files work is that the software first looks for a 
program key in a property file by country and language. If it does not 
find that it looks for it just by language. Failing that it falls back 
to the "default" property file which does not specify language. (Which 
in the case of BibleDesktop is English).

To simplify things we try to not need property files that differ by 
country, but sooner or later it will be needed. Only the differences 
need to be in a country specific property file. If Portugal's and 
Brazil's Portuguese differ in how a key needs to be translated, then 
that key and its value would be put in a country specific language file 
for one of the two countries.

Since Brazilian Portuguese would be added first, the files would not 
have a country designation. But it would be good to have a comment in 
the file that it is Brazilian Portuguese so that if it is modified by a 
Portuguese speaker in another country that the right thing would be done.

When that happens we need to decide which country is named in the new 
file. My first take is that the default should be the country from which 
the language originates. In this case, we would create a 
BibleInfo_BR_pt.properties and put in it the differences between it and 
Portugal's Portuguese.

Perhaps the best file to start is 
org.crosswire.jsword.passage.BibleInfo.properties This would give you 
the ability to use and see Portuguese names for the books of the bible. 
Perhaps the best way to do this is to get a copy of it and put it into 
~/.jsword, naming it 
org.crosswire.jsword.passage.BibleInfo_pt.properties and then editing 
it. Any changes in it will show up in the application.

Note ~/.jsword on a Windows machine is something like c:\Documents and 

Let me know if if this is something you want to do and if you need more 
help with this. If so, please post to jsword-devel.

In His Service,

Rogerio Pereira wrote:

>I see two block in the end of each verse in BibleDesktop. Another
>thing that i could see is, if i choose Genesis 1 in select dialog the
>BibleDesktop doesn't go to this chapter in this book.
>How can i add support to brazilian portuguese in BibleDesktop.

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