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Wed Sep 14 07:21:34 MST 2005

See below:

Joe Walker wrote:

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> Date: Sep 7, 2005 4:18 PM
> Subject: JSword Questions
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> Mr. Walker--
> Just downloaded JSword.  Am looking for a comparable Bible software I 
> can run from a CD on my work computer w/o install.

At this time, JSword does not work from a CD alone (or USB flash drive). 
This is a great idea. I will add that to our TODO list. Currently the 
limitation is that it creates files and directories under your "home" on 
your operating system.

> My questions are these:
> Why no pulldown book and verse list on the left as in the Personal 
> Commentary view?  Was that a preference of the developers, or are you 
> still working on it?

This is on our TODO list. JSword does not have the ability to create or 
modify a book. This is what we need to add to get Personal Commentary to 

> Plus, to mouse your way to a passage, it's 6 clicks. Others, e.g. 
> e-Sword, it's one double.  I suppose I could get used to it.  Doing it 
> that way, you have a lot of control over the display.

Hmm. I don't use the mouse to get to a passage. I merely type it in. The 
free form text area allows all kinds of variations on book names. So G 
1.1, ge 1:1, Revelation of John 1:1 all will find the right passage. 
Also, it is alot easier to select a passage ex 1.1-12.5.

I'll add a TODO to minimize the number of clicks on using the "Select 
Passage" dialog.

> But--and I don't know what all Java can do--would it work to have 
> books and chapters expand on mouseover, like my WinMe Start|My 
> Computer, or the Menu bar on Explorer/Office/etc?  That would be cool.

This is an easy addition. I'll add it to the TODO list.

> Also, I haven't tried, but it looks like you can't open books, like 
> Bro. Lawrence e.g., in JSword.  Again, was this a preference or is it 
> a coming feature?

This is on our TODO list. Currently we don't support "General" books.

> Still can't open binary offline.  Tried the regular 0.9.9 download 
> this morning.  I'd think it was something wrong with my Java, but it 
> opens fine with WebStart.  Plus I have Java 1.4 (your link) and 1.5 
> (earlier download) enabled.
> View Source sure takes a long time.  I got tired of waiting for the 
> split window to fill after a couple three minutes (KJV/S#).

This performance problem has been addressed in the nightly build. We had 
to remove the pretty syntax highlighting. In 0.9.9 it is only useful on 
a verse at a time.

> I'd appreciate your response to these curious questions;  probably I 
> will use JSword as is and enjoy the unique tools it provides.  Your 
> service is greatly appreciated; may it bless lots of people.
> Thanks,
> I'll let you get back to work.
> Coby

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