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Tue Sep 13 23:57:14 MST 2005

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Date: Sep 7, 2005 4:18 PM
Subject: JSword Questions
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Mr. Walker--

Just downloaded JSword. Am looking for a comparable Bible software I can run 
from a CD on my work computer w/o install.

My questions are these:

Why no pulldown book and verse list on the left as in the Personal 
Commentary view? Was that a preference of the developers, or are you still 
working on it?

Plus, to mouse your way to a passage, it's 6 clicks. Others, e.g. e-Sword, 
it's one double. I suppose I could get used to it. Doing it that way, you 
have a lot of control over the display.

But--and I don't know what all Java can do--would it work to have books and 
chapters expand on mouseover, like my WinMe Start|My Computer, or the Menu 
bar on Explorer/Office/etc? That would be cool.

Also, I haven't tried, but it looks like you can't open books, like Bro. 
Lawrence e.g., in JSword. Again, was this a preference or is it a coming 

Still can't open binary offline. Tried the regular 0.9.9 download this 
morning. I'd think it was something wrong with my Java, but it opens fine 
with WebStart. Plus I have Java 1.4 (your link) and 1.5 (earlier download) 

View Source sure takes a long time. I got tired of waiting for the split 
window to fill after a couple three minutes (KJV/S#).

I'd appreciate your response to these curious questions; probably I will use 
JSword as is and enjoy the unique tools it provides. Your service is greatly 
appreciated; may it bless lots of people.


I'll let you get back to work.


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