[jsword-devel] Introduction

DM Smith dmsmith555 at yahoo.com
Tue Sep 13 16:48:43 MST 2005

Welcome Yiguang!

Your work does not overlap ours and is most welcomed.

I don't know any way to easily search the mailing list archives except 
via google. Just include jsword-devel in your search.

We don't actually return the text of verses as the result of a search 
but a list of references to verses. At first this might seem like a 
drawback. It is a huge resource savings as you have a lot of control 
over how verses are fetched.

The search result will be a Key object which can be iterated over. Key 
has a very list like interface. You can get an iterator, the number of 
elements or a particular element by position. The elements returned from 
the iteration are references to verses. You have a choice as to what 
kind of Key to use. Typically it will be a PassageTally or a BitwisePassage.

You can subset the Key into other keys so that you can return partial 
results (e.g. pages with 50 verses on them)

 From a key you can request the text or an xsl transformation of the 
text. The xslt that we use within BibleDesktop creates HTML with custom 
protocols. I think that changing that would be make it work for the web.

You can see examples of most of this at 
It does not have examples of how to iterate, but I can add those if you ask.

In the context of a web, you might want to look at ways to keep from 
refreshing the entire page with each request. Joe has been working on 
DWR (http://getahead.ltd.uk/dwr/), which is AJAX for Java made easy and 
it has just gone 1.0. This may be of use in making a website experience 
very enjoyable.

Hope this is a good start. Looking forward to seeing your website!

Yiguang Hu wrote:

>My name is Yiguang Hu. I am the webmaster of
>ccim.org-A volunteer supportted Chinese Christian
>Internet Mission. We host many Chinese Church/Orgs web
>sites and have a bible search engine and a E-library 
>and have several Chinese Christian web sites in/out of
>I just found the jsword project a few days ago and it
>is what I have been waiting for quite some time. I
>played a little bit of the source code and wrote a web
>interface using java server faces. I got the
>bible/dictionary/commentary works with some search
>result problems. 
>Because I just started, I may not be using the
>search function correctly. 
>Before I spend more time on it, I am just wondering if
>some one already started a web front effort. I will be
>very glad to add my code into the CVS so more people
>can help to improve it. 
>The other question is is there a interface that put
>search result in a collection of verses like a List so
>I can display them like 20 verses/entry a page ?
>One more question is Is there a way I can search the
>email archives instead of read the archive files one
>by one so I can find if my question is already
>answered or a duplicate ?
>Thank you very much for this great work.
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