[jsword-devel] Introduction

Yiguang Hu yighu at yahoo.com
Tue Sep 13 08:59:51 MST 2005


My name is Yiguang Hu. I am the webmaster of
ccim.org-A volunteer supportted Chinese Christian
Internet Mission. We host many Chinese Church/Orgs web
sites and have a bible search engine and a E-library 
and have several Chinese Christian web sites in/out of
I just found the jsword project a few days ago and it
is what I have been waiting for quite some time. I
played a little bit of the source code and wrote a web
interface using java server faces. I got the
bible/dictionary/commentary works with some search
result problems. 
Because I just started, I may not be using the
search function correctly. 
Before I spend more time on it, I am just wondering if
some one already started a web front effort. I will be
very glad to add my code into the CVS so more people
can help to improve it. 

The other question is is there a interface that put
search result in a collection of verses like a List so
I can display them like 20 verses/entry a page ?

One more question is Is there a way I can search the
email archives instead of read the archive files one
by one so I can find if my question is already
answered or a duplicate ?

Thank you very much for this great work.

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