[jsword-devel] CSV Bible

Davy Mitchell daftspaniel at hotmail.com
Mon Sep 12 13:29:01 MST 2005

Hi DM,

>By CSV, I presume you mean "Comma Separated Value".

Yes - thats it.

The main fields in my head are...
BookName, Chapter, Verse, Text

Kirbybase uses a Pipe character (|) as a seperator .

It would be a very simple DB but would be useful for quick Python scripts 


Homepage http://www.latedecember.com/sites/myhomepage/

>What would a record look like? key,value\n? Could you use a tab instead of 
>a comma? (Comma appears in the data as do quotes of every kind).
>What would constitute a valid key? (an osisID? English book names?...)
>What would constitute a valid value (osis? flat text?)
>Are you able to handle UTF-8?
>If you can provide more information, I think I can guide you.
>Davy Mitchell wrote:
>>Hi Folks,
>>Hope you are all well.
>>I am looking for the KJV Bible in CSV format
>>The idea is to get it into Kirbybase to create some scripts etc.
>>Homepage http://www.latedecember.com/sites/myhomepage/
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