[jsword-devel] PlainTextFilter change

DM Smith dmsmith555 at yahoo.com
Fri Mar 11 06:18:19 MST 2005

Naves was one big run on, whereas the source was nicely formatted with 
line breaks.
I changed the PlainTextFilter to emit OSIS lb (line breaks) between lines.
I tested it against Jubilee2000.

Initially, I used the OSIS "l" (line) element, which can only occur in a 
lg (line group).
These are used for poetry and set in HTML divs. Which is inappropriate 
to mark up
non-poetry content in verses. (I.e. Jubilee2000 looked terrible, with 
verse numbers
on preceding lines).

Anyway, now Naves looks good. It still has proprietary markup in the 
module, but
that is a problem with Naves, not JSword or BibleDesktop.

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