[jsword-devel] swordweb javascript

Troy A. Griffitts scribe at crosswire.org
Thu Mar 10 04:24:05 MST 2005

Hey guys.  We've added a new feature to SWORDWeb.  It allows javascript 
popups of word definitions when viewing a text which supports such (like 
KJV, WHNU, NASB, etc.)  It should work in parallel windows too.

There is a new option on the preferences page to turn javascript 
features on and off.

Here are some problems with which we could use your help:

It takes much longer to load a page with this data on now, because we 
prefetch all the lexicon info for the page.  It would be nice to delay 
these lookups until needed, if anyone knows how.

Joachim pointed out that google seems to do this at:


Safari looks good
Firefox looks good
IE sucks

Any ideas why IE doesn't display the text correctly and other browsers 
do? (not just "because it sucks")

Thanks for your feedback and help.  We hope to take SWORDWeb to the next 



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