[jsword-devel] Checking in fix for JS-9

DM Smith dmsmith555 at yahoo.com
Wed Feb 16 20:41:21 MST 2005

I will be checking in the changes for this fix. Here is an overview:
If the Bible picker is empty, I use a string of 60 spaces as a 
prototype, so that the combo box will have a reasonable size.
I added an ActionListener to the picker so that it could detect when a 
Bible is added. If it is the first one, then the listener selects it.
If a book is installed, I had a BookListener in desktop call 
generateConfig. This rebuilds the options and forces the config to see it.
When a book is installed, I made desktop.properties save. This is needed 
to have the first bible and first commentary the user downloads be set 
as the default for subsequent runs.
I also simplified the config code. This eliminated most of the diagnostics.

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