[jsword-devel] Presentation and license question

Sergio Queiroz srmq at srmq.org
Tue Feb 22 03:49:05 MST 2005

Hello everybody!

I have just entered this list, I'm starting to know the SWORD project
and its siblings, like gnomesword and jsword. Congratulations for the
fantastic work! 

I hope I can contribute somehow to this project in the near future. I'm
a PhD student at the Paris VI University in France. Java is one of my
favorite languages, so I have a special interest in a project like

I've been browsing jsword site and have noticed that while jsword is
released under the GPL, it apparently uses jakarta Lucene, which is
released under the Apache License v2.0. My question is, being the Apache
License v2.0 and the GPL mutually incompatible (that is, we cannot
combine modules under these two licenses into a larger program), isn't
this a major problem for jsword? Could it really be released under the

For more information about the incompatibility between Apache License
v2.0 and the GPL, see http://www.apache.org/licenses/GPL-

In Christ,


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