[jsword-devel] Re: Search Index Downloading

Troy A. Griffitts scribe at crosswire.org
Sun Oct 10 22:12:00 MST 2004

Hey Joe,
	That's fine.  Let me know if there is anything I need to do for you. 
Don't we have a /pub/jsword directory for your stuff?  I understand what 
you mean by having the same base directory for modules (which would be 
/pub/sword/raw for our server, so maybe /pub/sword/raw/idx, but this 
isn't a sword module data structure.  This is jsword's proprietary (in 
the sense of not publicly sword declared) data.  It would be nice to 
unify a common index format for sword modules.

	Does it really take lucene 5+ minutes to generate?  That's a bummer. 
You would think it wouldn't take much longer than a single non-index 
search thru the Bible.

	To belatedly answer your question on sword-devel, I honestly have no 
idea if clucene indecies are binary compatible with the java lucene 


Joe Walker wrote:
> Hi Troy,
> I'd like to allow users of Bible Desktop to download search indexes
> because they take about 5 mins to generate. A search index is between
> 2-3Mb per book so it ought not to take up too much space.
> Ideally we would use an FTP directory on crosswire something like:
> - /pub/sword/search/jsword/L1/[book].zip
> It starts /pub/sword so that if the beta modules site (or other
> download sites) come online we can just remember one root path per
> module site. The search/jsword bit would keep our stuff from getting
> in anyone elses way. L1 is simply a version number so we can update
> the index format without huge turmoil.
> Is that OK?
> Thanks,
> Joe.

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