[jsword-devel] Another big checkin

DM Smith dmsmith555 at yahoo.com
Thu Jul 29 19:00:04 MST 2004

I noticed a couple of problems.

Hyperlinking to Strongs does not work from KJV w/ Strongs.

Blurring does not work right. I had not used blur from the right hand 
pane before, as I used the menu (where it no long is found). I can get 
used to the change. For accessibility reasons (i.e. for those that 
don't/can't use a mouse, having menu options is really helpful).

Other than that it looks pretty solid. I will be doing some regression 
testing to see if I find anything else.

See below for feedback.

Joe Walker wrote:
> In BibleDesktop:
> - I've simplified the UI by getting rid of as much window decoration as 
> possible. The UI now looks a lot cleaner. Feedback appreciated.

Looks better and redraws faster on a slow machine.

> - I've also simplified the UI by making the Dictionary reference pane 
> support Commentaries, and then removing the CommentaryPane. This makes 
> things much simpler to look at. Again feedback appreciated.
Better use of real estate. Can see more at a time. This will be better 
when, the dictionaries and commentaries are more fully integrated into 
the program (as is listed for post 1.0 in bugs.txt).

> - I created some new icons for Books/Dicts/etc for display in book 
> lists. Useful given the above.
> - As an experiment I've turned the toolbar off. In the real world it is 
> virtually useless, our UI is so simple that we don't need lots of 
> complex toolbars. However maybe visually a toolbar is a good idea? 
> Feedback appreciated.

I have code which makes the tool bar a user option. Again, having a 
toolbar is good for accessibility. I personally don't like them as they 
take up too much real estate.

> - playing with the native browser component from jdesktop (java.net). 
> It's in the limbo directory because it doesn't work, but you can enable 
> it by editing the BookDataDisplay resource file. Given time it could 
> give us better display using a real web browser. The downside is that it 
> is AWT so there are be issues with it chopping menus.
> I fixed (I think) the Verse in-not-a Key problem by making it a Key. 
> This is probably not the best solution, but it is simple and avoids 
> another big refactoring effort. The correct solution is probably to 
> split the Key interface as DM suggested into a mutable structure 
> interface and an immutable node interface.
> I've also applied the Bitwise passage bug fix, thanks DM.

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