[jsword-devel] Another big checkin

Joe Walker joe at eireneh.com
Thu Jul 29 16:00:18 MST 2004

In BibleDesktop:

- I've simplified the UI by getting rid of as much window decoration as 
possible. The UI now looks a lot cleaner. Feedback appreciated.

- I've also simplified the UI by making the Dictionary reference pane 
support Commentaries, and then removing the CommentaryPane. This makes 
things much simpler to look at. Again feedback appreciated.

- I created some new icons for Books/Dicts/etc for display in book 
lists. Useful given the above.

- As an experiment I've turned the toolbar off. In the real world it is 
virtually useless, our UI is so simple that we don't need lots of 
complex toolbars. However maybe visually a toolbar is a good idea? 
Feedback appreciated.

- playing with the native browser component from jdesktop (java.net). 
It's in the limbo directory because it doesn't work, but you can enable 
it by editing the BookDataDisplay resource file. Given time it could 
give us better display using a real web browser. The downside is that it 
is AWT so there are be issues with it chopping menus.

I fixed (I think) the Verse in-not-a Key problem by making it a Key. 
This is probably not the best solution, but it is simple and avoids 
another big refactoring effort. The correct solution is probably to 
split the Key interface as DM suggested into a mutable structure 
interface and an immutable node interface.

I've also applied the Bitwise passage bug fix, thanks DM.


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