[jsword-devel] XML2SWORD

Joe Walker joe at eireneh.com
Thu Jul 29 14:46:56 MST 2004

The Sword (C++) project would probably be a better place to start. You 
could use XSLT to convert your XML to OSIS and then use osis2mod or 
there are other conversion tools that will help converting plain text 
(which it would appear is basically what you have).
There is code within JSword got creating modules, however I doubt very 
much that it would do what you want - I don't think we ever completed 
and Sword module creation code.

Sorry I can't be much help.


tmp at nitwit.de wrote:

>I got a Bible translation in a very simple XML (verses and text and that's 
>it). Can I easily convert this to an SWORD file via the SWORD API?
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