[jsword-devel] Re: JSword license

Mike Kienenberger jsword-devel@crosswire.org
Sun, 28 Sep 2003 18:10:59 -0400

Joe Walker <joe@eireneh.com> wrote:
> Thanks for that. I didn't fully understand the issues behind the 
> "MoneyGuzzler" problem, and having understood that I think we've fallen 
> into the trap and we need to fix it.

Hi Joe,

I think you're misinterpreting something.

You can already use GPL'd code with any other open-source library, provided 
you also provide the source code for that library along with your code.

The limitation is that you're not allowed to use GPL'd code with a 
non-open-source library (because, by definition, you don't have the ability 
to provide source code for that library).

There's no need to add a provision like the one you described (and if you 
did want to add such a provision, you'd probably want to simply say any OSI 
approved open source license as defined at 
http://www.opensource.org/licenses/index.php rather than trying to enumerate 
specific licenses).

> Mike, is your objection to the GPL because you need to have this 
> exception list, or is your exception to JSword becuse we (currently) 

My problem is that I most likely will link against non-open-source game 
development libraries (I'm just doing peliminary research for my next game 
project at this time), and doing so is specifically disallowed under GPL 
even when I release all of my own code under an open-source license.   The 
GPL license forces any code used with it to also become GPL in a viral 

However, you don't need to spend any more time on this issue on my behalf as 
I already have a workable solution for my issue, and I'm willing to share my 
solution with anyone who'd like to use it.   I think for 99% of use that the 
read-only ability to look up a verse from a selected Bible version is all 
that's necessary.    More than that would generally mean that you're 
developing a bible study tool, and I think JSword and Sword already meet 
that need.