[jsword-devel] Bugs

Joe Walker jsword-devel@crosswire.org
Sat, 13 Sep 2003 17:54:38 +0100

Thanks guys.
Up until now I think the code only read from one directory, so I'll need 
to go hacking a bit, however IIRC it is a fairly close port of the C++ 
code so it shouldn't be too hard, I guess we cut a few corners to get it 
working originally.


Troy A. Griffitts wrote:

> From the INSTALL file in CVS, the docs say:
> The API looks for its module configuration in the following sequence:
>         ./mods.[conf|d]
>         $SWORD_PATH/mods.[conf|d]
>         $HOME/.sword/mods.[conf|d]
>         or finally from information found in a system-wide 
> configuration file
>                 /etc/sword.conf in the format:
>                         [Install]
>                         DataPath=/where/your/datafiles/are/installed
>                 then the API will look for DataPath/mods.[conf|d]
> But in practice, we don't really support mods.conf configuration 
> anymore so you can change mods.[conf|d] to just mods.d.
> ~/.sword/mods.d configs are now APPENDED to systemwide modules, 
> allowing the user to add their own books in addition to the global 
> library (also good for the personal commentary module that allow each 
> user to edit their own personal notes.)
> We also have a few newer options in CVS that haven't been doc'd.  If a 
> ~/.sword/sword.conf exists, it will use this INSTEAD of the systemwide 
> /etc/sword.conf.
> And finally, there is a new entry allowed in sword.conf: 
> AugmentPath=/path/to/additional/modules
> Any number of these entries may be present and are useful for things 
> like:
> # pick up any additional books on a CD that the user may have inserted.
> AugmentPath=D:\
> We use this on the Sharp Zaurus:
> AugmentPath=/mnt/sd
> AugmentPath=/mnt/cf
> to check to see if the user has any books on memory inserted into the 
> sd or cf memory slots.
> Hope this helps,
>         -Troy.
> PS.  Though these seem to be UNIXie, ./mods.d is mostly what we use 
> for windows, but I personally have an /etc/sword.conf file even on 
> windows that sets my module directory so when I'm debugging from my 
> source directory, I still get my full module library, without having 
> to move modules into my current directory.  I guess I could also use 
> $SWORD_PATH, but env variable scope on windows has always elluded me.
> Daniel Glassey wrote:
>> On Thursday 11 September 2003 3:54 pm, Joe Walker wrote:
>>> I don't know of a good way to find the default Sword dir. So we make a
>>> guess currently. Perhaps the guess should be platform independent. Do
>>> you know where a good default unix install would be?
>> usual places are
>> system dir:
>> /usr/share/sword or
>> /usr/local/share/sword
>> user dir:
>> ~/.sword
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