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Troy A. Griffitts jsword-devel@crosswire.org
Thu, 11 Sep 2003 09:53:07 -0700

 From the INSTALL file in CVS, the docs say:

The API looks for its module configuration in the following sequence:
         or finally from information found in a system-wide 
configuration file
                 /etc/sword.conf in the format:
                 then the API will look for DataPath/mods.[conf|d]

But in practice, we don't really support mods.conf configuration anymore 
so you can change mods.[conf|d] to just mods.d.

~/.sword/mods.d configs are now APPENDED to systemwide modules, allowing 
the user to add their own books in addition to the global library (also 
good for the personal commentary module that allow each user to edit 
their own personal notes.)

We also have a few newer options in CVS that haven't been doc'd.  If a 
~/.sword/sword.conf exists, it will use this INSTEAD of the systemwide 

And finally, there is a new entry allowed in sword.conf: 
Any number of these entries may be present and are useful for things like:

# pick up any additional books on a CD that the user may have inserted.

We use this on the Sharp Zaurus:

to check to see if the user has any books on memory inserted into the sd 
or cf memory slots.

Hope this helps,

PS.  Though these seem to be UNIXie, ./mods.d is mostly what we use for 
windows, but I personally have an /etc/sword.conf file even on windows 
that sets my module directory so when I'm debugging from my source 
directory, I still get my full module library, without having to move 
modules into my current directory.  I guess I could also use 
$SWORD_PATH, but env variable scope on windows has always elluded me.

Daniel Glassey wrote:
> On Thursday 11 September 2003 3:54 pm, Joe Walker wrote:
>>I don't know of a good way to find the default Sword dir. So we make a
>>guess currently. Perhaps the guess should be platform independent. Do
>>you know where a good default unix install would be?
> usual places are
> system dir:
> /usr/share/sword or
> /usr/local/share/sword
> user dir:
> ~/.sword
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