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Aleksander Rozman - Andy jsword-devel@crosswire.org
Sat, 20 Dec 2003 15:53:07 +0100

At 20.12.2003, you wrote:
>Aleksander Rozman - Andy wrote:
>>I downloaded CVS version. It isn't much different from 15Dec build... I 
>>am still having problem loading bibles. Which bibles are accepted in 
>>JSword? I couldn't find KJV2003? Where I can find it?
>You should be able to download it from the Sword site. Click on the 
>modules link.
>We accept any Sword modules.
>If you download windows c++ sword, it comes with a module 
>downloader/installer which should help. If you install is in the default 
>position then JSword should find the windows modules automatically.

I never install on default possition. When I tried to select directory I 
couldn't (for main bible directory), because file selection is enabled and 
not directory. Also when I set directory nothing is found. So far I have 
one bible KJV+.bbl in windows install directory (e-Sword)....

I also downloade RAW instalation files and copied contects of zip to 
resources dir. but it doesn't work....

>>Some issuses found:
>>- if no bible installed program more or less breakes, setup is on 10% and 
>>waits for something...
>>- Status bar, text is resizing whole status bar. Status bar elements are 
>>not the same size (borders)
>I'm not seeing this - I do get the status bar adjusting the space it gives 
>to elements within itself, but then whole thing stays the same size.
Reallly? Try going to different items (which should print some text in 
status) now this resizes everything...

>>- Adding of bible not supported (we should be able to browse for bible, 
>>to be able to add it), same for all other elements
>Is Tools->Options->Sword->Base Directory what you are looking for?

Probably but it doesn't work, at least not with .bbl files. I have 
downloade RAW modules now, and copied contects to ./resources, and then set 
the path to resopurces, but Bible still isn't visible.

I am wondering if we have the same files of JSword...

>I had made a mental note to postpone writing a module installer until 
>after 1.0, but given the recent number of comments, maybe I should being 
>that forward. Thoughts anyone?

It would probably be wise to do so...

>>Nifty things to be done:
>>- i18n
>Work started - many resources are read using Msg (resource classes in many 
>The idea is that you get to write in English first without needing to add 
>lots of resource files or discovering that the key you are using no-longer 
>exists in the resource file or the other way around.
>However Many gui elements don't use Msg and I've not actually created any 
>translation files. It may look English only, but it isn't MsgBase allows 
>resource files to override the english text.

It would be better if we created language files (plain text) for each 
language , plugins will of course have their own language files (if 
needed)... It's very unwise to put strings in classes. In old versions of 
i18n it was practice to put all string in class files, but in newer 
version, usually *properties files are created with String definitions, and 
they are read when software needs it.
I have already done this, and I can tell you it's the best way. Strings are 
cached, but not all of them.... (if strings are defined in classes, they 
reside in memory for as long as class exists....

>>- adding of Skinlf support (SkinLF is library that alows adding of 
>>several types of themes, L&F
>Should be supported already. Add the skinlf to your classpath and type the 
>L&F class name into the options dialog.

This won't work. SkinLF needs one parameter (File with Look and feel) and 
it must be enabled (quite different than normal L&F), which means that we 
need special configuration window... I can do this if you want?

>>- Help (this could be done with JavaHelp)
>Or even a Book! I think the core job of displaying and searching Bible 
>data is very similar to JavaHelp's job.

Yes it is. We could probably use JavaHelp to display bible (with some 

>>I was wondering, when is planned release of version 1.0? We are now at 0.9.6
>>Install version of 0.9.6, doesn't work by the way. Exe file doesn't allow 
>>starting of application. I had to run it manually.
>Install is a pain.
>The InstallAnywhere builds are very nice when they work, however they are 
>broken on the Mac, and apparently don't always work on PCs.
>I have thought of swapping to the winamp installer, which I think is open 
>source, and seems to be more configurable.
>Anyone have any ideas?

never tried before. Must take a look....

>>One off topic question. how many developers are currently working of 
>I am the main developer, but there are several others that contribute code 
>from time to time. I've been a bit slow in the past month because I am 
>very very busy. I'm working on 3 significant projects at church and we're 
>in the middle of an extension that has left us without heating so JSword 
>time is getting a little squeezed. But I still find a bit of time now and 
>again. Things should be a little more sane again soon.
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