[jsword-devel] Resource

Joe Walker jsword-devel@bibletechnologieswg.org
Tue, 6 Aug 2002 17:45:20 +0100


> > I would ask in return a few things.
> > 
> > Please:
> > - keep me informed about any changes you are about to commit.
> Joe,
> It's fairly straightforward to get CVS to send an email whenever someone 
> committs anything at all.  I can send the relevant files for how I set 
> this up at work if you'd like.

Yes, that would be good. I was meaning to ask if anyone knew how.
If anyone else is interested in seeing change reports then give me a shout.
That's always assuming we don't want them mailed to the jsword-devel list.

> > - keep to the coding style of the surrounding code.
> There's a package called checkstyle that can be used to set up a project 
> wide coding style, which then flags any deviations from the norm.  At 
> work, I've set up our project in ant to publish a report for the entire 
> code base after every commit.  We could also set up CVS to check that 
> the file passes muster before allowing it to be committed.

That also sounds interesting.
I'd want to take a good look before implementing it, but if there are some
simple examples that wouldn't take too long to post ... But please dont
spend ages on it.

> > - add your @author to the top of anything you change.
> Just a thought, but if you use the following Javadoc, then CVS will 
> track that info for you.  You'll be able to always see the last person 
> who committed anything the class along with the date that they did so.
> /**
>   * ...
>   * @author: $Author$
>   * @version: $Revision$
>   */

The reason for the request was so that anyone could see who has copyright
claims over a file, so I'd like to keep old @authors. (You can have as many
@author lines as you like)