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Keith Ralston jsword-devel@bibletechnologieswg.org
Tue, 6 Aug 2002 21:45:56 -0500

I would prefer to browse the repository as well as set up notifications for
things I am interested in.  Once we get a good rhythm going, things will
change that I don't need or want to know about.

I suppose we should adopt coding standards.  Once this is well understood, I
think the agent would be a good idea.  Again, the rhythm thing.  It is much
easier to establish a rhythm when you all meet together for several hours
each day.

We should keep in mind our response times to exceptions for things like the
agent before we set them up.  We might loose good help if someone is unable
to get their changes posted for a day or two.

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> > I would ask in return a few things.
> >
> > Please:
> > - keep me informed about any changes you are about to commit.
> Joe,
> It's fairly straightforward to get CVS to send an email whenever someone
> committs anything at all.  I can send the relevant files for how I set
> this up at work if you'd like.

Yes, that would be good. I was meaning to ask if anyone knew how.
If anyone else is interested in seeing change reports then give me a shout.
That's always assuming we don't want them mailed to the jsword-devel list.

> > - keep to the coding style of the surrounding code.
> There's a package called checkstyle that can be used to set up a project
> wide coding style, which then flags any deviations from the norm.  At
> work, I've set up our project in ant to publish a report for the entire
> code base after every commit.  We could also set up CVS to check that
> the file passes muster before allowing it to be committed.

That also sounds interesting.
I'd want to take a good look before implementing it, but if there are some
simple examples that wouldn't take too long to post ... But please dont
spend ages on it.

> > - add your @author to the top of anything you change.
> Just a thought, but if you use the following Javadoc, then CVS will
> track that info for you.  You'll be able to always see the last person
> who committed anything the class along with the date that they did so.
> /**
>   * ...
>   * @author: $Author$
>   * @version: $Revision$
>   */

The reason for the request was so that anyone could see who has copyright
claims over a file, so I'd like to keep old @authors. (You can have as many
@author lines as you like)